We provide with prior confirmation for the monthly financial support free of charge.

For small sized companies and individual business owners who have been suffering from largely decreased sales due to the spread of COVID-19, the monthly financial support, widely applicable to overall business, has been provided by the national government.

For the first application, the applicant needs to obtain prior confirmation by a registered specialist (if you already received the temporary or monthly financial support, you do not need to obtain prior confirmation again).

We provide with prior confirmation for the first applications as a registered specialist free of charge.

For the prior confirmation, we set an on-line meeting with ZOOM. Please feel free to contact us at yuka.yanagisawa@soiree-legal.com by e-mail.

  • What is “prior confirmation”? : A system to confirm whether applicant ①actually runs a business and ②properly understands scope of the program by a specialist such as bank, certified tax accountant or certified administrative procedure legal specialist before application, as a countermeasure against fraudulent or mistaken receipt of the monthly financial support.


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